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IMAGE 120 – Cap Inspection

IMAGE 120 – Cap Inspection

What’s the IMAGE 120

Cap & Fill Level Inspection – BBULL IMAGE 120

The IMAGE 120 is a versatile camera system. With just three cameras, it offers extensive coverage to check bottle caps, their colour, and fill levels.

Beyond the basic inspection, it can also verify crown caps, corks, knurling of aluminum closures, and visible labels.

Essentially, the IMAGE 120 guarantees with precision and efficiency, that every product meets your quality standards with up to 90.000 bottles per hour.

Variouse Benefits

Comprehensive inspection coverage & precision

With its tri-camera system, the IMAGE 120 provides full inspection coverage from three sides and combined with innovative illumination, it guarantees the highest accuracy in defect detection and product quality inspection.

Versatility & Applicability

The IMAGE 120 is not only a leading closure inspection system, but also a versatile solution for numerous quality control tasks. It is also well known and proven worldwide, which underlines its reliability and applicability.


Equipped with state-of-the-art PC technology and a 21-inch graphic display, the IMAGE 120 system offers an intuitive interface that clearly displays all relevant production data.

What can we inspect?

  • Cap Inspection
    • Smiley, fit, color
  • Fill Level Inspection
    • Underfill, overfill
  • Software extension
    • Label Presence
      • If visible in the image capture
  • Cork Check
    • Presence, fit, damage
  • Knurling Checks
    • Insufficient or missing knurling
  • Crown Cap Positioning
    • Presence, fit


Screw on caps, incl. fill level

Knurling of aluminum caps

Crown cork caps, incl. fill level

How does it work?

Three-camera image capture

Three cameras capture images from angles shifted by approximately 120° to provide a comprehensive overview.

Image processing

The images are processed, highlighting shapes and colors for detailed inspection.

Inspection analysis

The system compares the captured images and shapes within the defined ROIs (regions of interest) to ensure that the predefined markers are met.

Data acquisition and analysis

The IMAGE 120 provides data on the inspection process that can be used to optimize the process and improve quality control over time.