BBULL Technology

Approaching Evolution

Stratec Control-Systems is now BBULL Technology.
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Stratec is now BBULL

Form or Contour Inspection System



Bottle Sorting

  • For returnable containers
  • Glass and PET bottles
  • To sort for
  • production
  • non-production
  • foreign bottles
  • Installation on the conveyor in single-line
  • to guarantee the required number of bottles on the filler
  • to avoid filling product in wrong bottles
  • to maintain continuous bottle flow
  • To sort for bottle type
  • empties sorting

Detection of

  • Bottle height
  • Contour (diameter / shape)
  • Colour
  • And type of closure


With BBULL PC 500

  • Speeds up to 72.000 per hour

With BBULL Theta

  • Speeds up to 120.000 per hour
  • Deep-Learning capabilities


  • Residual cap inspection

Deep Learning Feature

  • During a learning phase, several hundred images are recorded and made available to the algorithm.
  • The algorithm remembers recurring characteristics on the bottles and assigns them to a bottle type.
  • This type can then be named and handled accordingly.

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