BBULL Technology

Approaching Evolution

Stratec Control-Systems is now BBULL Technology.
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Stratec is now BBULL

Rejection System – BOS

Servo-driven distribution & rejection system


  • Compressed air free rejection of bottles and metal cans in the high performance range.


  • Standing rejection & distribution due to a rotating cam
  • Precise performance due to latest servo technology
  • Applications for cylindrical glass bottles in the beverage & packaging industry
  • Automatic adaptation to different belt speeds
  • Ideal for distribution of empty & open containers
  • Incl. tracking controller
  • Retrofits & connection to third-party control systems possible
  • Incl. height adjustment
  • Horizontal adjustment available (option)
  • Low-wear and easy-to-maintain concept
  • High rejection rates possible
  • Rejection cams ready for the next rejection after 180° rotation
  • The transfer distance can be defined by the rotation speed of the cams of the cams
  • Recommended for multi-track distribution