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Stratec Control-Systems is now BBULL Technology.
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Stratec is now BBULL

Rejection System – FLEX LINER


Rejection for sorting a wide range of container formats, largely independent of heights and contours. Also at high speed & small bottle spacing.


  • Segment movement in horizontal direction
  • Large contact surface to the containers
  • safe rejection of containers of different sizes and weights
  • recommended for rejection and sampling of cans
  • recommended for sorting application & rejection of horizontal bottles (EBI) & containers
  • Guaranteed rejection of
  • standing & lying containers
  • the number of segments used depends on the speed (Flex Liner HS)
  • especially suitable for sampling containers 
  • no damage to rejected products
  • easy access to all components.
  • compact & space-saving design
  • minimised spare parts, identical parts for the pneumatics of all segments