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Stratec is now BBULL

Major Brewery in Barcelona Gets Complete Empty Can Inspection Solution

Major Brewery in Barcelona Gets Complete Empty Can Inspection Solution

We are excited to share that a leading beverage filler, offering an extensive range of products, has chosen to rely on our advanced inspection solution.

Following a thorough technical approval process, our state-of-the-art systems have been successfully integrated into the high-speed production line at their Barcelona facility, capable of filling 100,000 cans per hour, since the summer of 2022.

Advanced Inspection Solution for Enhanced Beverage Filling Efficiency

Our state-of-the-art inspection solution, which includes IMAGE 360c, TOP360, vacuum transport, and OCR inspection, works seamlessly together to provide comprehensive inspection of every can, ensuring optimal beverage filling efficiency.

Our advanced system guarantees efficient production by detecting

  • damaged
  • contaminated
  • deformed cans

Furthermore, it excels in 

  • detecting wrong dates

even at high-speed filling rates, ensuring the highest quality product.

Through our innovative IMAGE 360c technology, we are able to 

  • eliminate the risk of wrong cans being filled

via 360 image processing, providing the customer with peace of mind and confidence in their product.

BBULL Technology’s Advanced Systems Ensure High-Quality and Safe Beverage Production

With BBULL Technology’s advanced inspection systems, you can enjoy your favorite refreshing beverage with the assurance that it has been thoroughly inspected and meets the highest standards of quality and safety.
We are extremely proud to have delivered the agreed-upon specifications to the complete satisfaction of our customer. 
This success has paved the way for further projects with this level of functionality already being discussed.

To see an animation of our systems in action, check out our YouTube link.

Cheers to quality and safety in every sip!