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Stratec Control-Systems is now BBULL Technology.
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Stratec is now BBULL

Drinktec 2022 – day one

Drinktec 2022 – day one

Today, Drinktec opens its doors

And we are very pleased with the many new and old friends that have already found their way to us. It is always a pleasure seeing familiar faces.

Many thanks, above all, to our excellent team, which completed everything on time despite the tight schedule.

Now, we are looking forward to many constructive conversations and an enjoyable time for everyone.

But what is the focus of this year’s Drinktec?

The Multifunctional control concept BBULL ALPHA LINE

“BBULL Alpha” is an innovative, multifunctional control system for quality assurance in the filling and packaging process of bottles, cans and other food packaging. The system is based on the latest PC technology and offers all current interfaces for integration into a customer’s intranet system. It is therefore optimally prepared for the implementation of the customers’ Industry 4.0 processes and the perfect tool for filler and closure management.

A wide variety of measuring techniques are available for data acquisition in the process, which can be installed as a single or multifunctional system depending on the requirements and the task at hand: “BBULL Alpha” detects underfilling or overfilling, missing, incorrect or leaking closures, missing internal pressure or vacuum, missing, incorrect or faulty labelling as well as dating, but also missing containers in the pack.

Since in more and more beverage and food sectors, the packaging materials glass and can are once again taking centre stage, inspection systems are on show that are used in such lines: The returnable sorting system “BBULL Image DL LG” is used to inspect returnable empties. Self-learning algorithms (“artificial intelligence”) are used, which independently recognize bottle characteristics and assign them to the bottles in the crate.
“BBULL Image ECI” inspects empty cans for damage or foreign objects before filling, “BBULL VK-X + IR” is a non-contact X-ray inspection of beverage crates, cardboard boxes, trays and shrink packs with an additional thermal imaging camera. Missing or incorrectly placed containers, gross underfilling are detected. The thermal imaging camera checks the glued seams of cartons.