Together into the future

The business BULL / BT-SERVICE / CENTRO / PAXONA / STRATEC work together under the name of BBULL TECHNOLOGY with the purpose to make use of common resources in order to offer inspection solutions for our customers with optimal performance in technical as well as commercial point of view.
BBULL TECHNOLOGY an active and forward-looking partner
For the new markets and the inexhaustible resources of the three divisions of BBULL TECHNOLOGY, new developments are permanently done and introduced into the markets. The innovation of a flexible and creative team has contributed to allow to offer innovative products like automatic inspection and rejection systems for all kind of inspection features in the food-, beverage- and packing industry, and are the base of our success.

Not only the introduction of the x-ray technology into the food and beverage industry has given the companies the reputation as leading producer of inspection equipment in the world.

Additionally the BBULL TECHNOLOGY offers all accepted detection technologies like ultrasound, gamma-technology, high-frequency or camera-technology in order to solve the unique problems of our customers concerning quality-assurance and increasing of the productivity in the filling line. Thus a high number of own patents are used.

LEAN Management has always been an important factor for efficient and innovative performance. This allows to offer maximum flexibility with minimum costs in development, production and sales, which we can pass to our customers.

DIN ISO 9001 is standing for quality and thus for the safety of our customers.

A motivated and service orientated team of specialists, as well as the quality of our innovative products are the guarantor for the growth and the future, for satisfied and certain customers. Today more than 30 Hard- and Software-engineers, designer and scientists are standing for the performance of BBULL TECHNOLOGY.

BBULL TECHNOLOGY representations world-wide are demonstrating our philosophy of true and open partnership. Our specialists are on side, where they are needed.

Trust the Quality of Your Products to the Inspection Systems of BBULL TECHNOLOGY