4-Camera Image Processing Systeme (Label Inspection) for Allround Inspection on the Conveyor up to 72.000 b./h.
BBULL IMAGE 360 is a highly precise multi-camera system
for inspection of containers not depending on rotation up to 72.000 b./h.
Based on longtime experience in the field of professional digital image processing in the beverage industry BBULL TECHNOLOGY
provides a reliable and professional device.
A huge number of different application modules allow the use
in the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry.
The integrated inspection bridge is equipped with 4 CCD-
cameras that are installed circularly in 90° steps around the
inspection object. The processing and calculation is performed
in a high-quality industrial pc-controller with flexible combinations
of different software-algorithms.
Sensor bridge BBULL IMAGE 360
Sensor bridge label inspection BBULL IMAGE 360
The system can be used for:
   PET- and glass bottles
   beverage and food cans
and detects the following characteristics:
   missing labels
   faulty labels
   imprints with a text height greater than of 1mm
   tilted labels more than 0,5 mm
optionally the system allows the detection of visible qualities like
   fill level
   missing cap / incorrect applied caps
For the compact design of the inspection bridge the system can be integrated in nearly every production line with little efforts. The extended memory of the pc-board allows the data saving of numerous different labels / containers.
BBULL IMAGE 360 records a complete 360° image of every container by 4 CCD- cameras that are installed in 90° steps. The processor calculates a complete image from the 4 single images in order to show the total picture of the complete label imprint. Special software tools compensate curvature of the labels in every single image. Afterwards the four partial images are processed and put together to one complete picture. Finally this complete image is shifted to a previously defined origin. Then the final image can be analysed using multiple tools provided by the inspection software.
To define the inspection features the software offers a number of different calculation tools, such as the measurement of absolute or relative positions or grey-value analysis.
The values can be defined and memorized individually for every product.
general view
singel images are put
together to a general view
sensor bridge top view
camera 4
camera 3
camera 2
camera 1
All menue items are clearly arranged in order to allow a
fast adaptation and recall of the required data.
The operation is performed by a software based on "Windows".
All functions can be activated fast and uncomplicated by a
The optimised calculation and processing of the measurement values is the essential base for an efficient and cost effective production.
BBULL IMAGE 360 offers a view to the past in order to guarantee a complete recording of faulty containers.
An important feature of any professional image processing system is the integration in existing systems to simplify processes and to avoid data-redundance.
BBULL IMAGE 360 offers the necessary interface for a lot of different industrial applications. For our big experience we are also able to support the realisation of special interface connections to external applications.
view: running
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